I bought Global but it won’t give it to me...

I bought global the day it came out and I have’t been givin it, I’m just a hopeless 13 year old who wanted to fly to Canada (where I live) I tried contacting Apple but they didn’t help at all.

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Hi. Can you state your device specifications please?

Also, are you unable to download the update or do you not see it at all?

Don’t worry, we’ll do our best to help you out :)

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Hey there.

Are you sure you’ve received the Global Update yet?

Possibly, a few days ago when you purchased the subscription, it could’ve been before Global was released, so you could’ve been purchasing a generic Live + subscription, and if you haven’t actually gotten the update yet will mean you aren’t able to fly globally as of yet.

I run Infinite flight on a IPad Mini 2 and I know the Update works because I’ve downloaded it and the graphics and everything that was supposed to chang changed

Please send in a screenshot containing proof of purchase. Also, what are you using to sign in?

Facebook and how would I take the screenshot I know how to screenshot but how do I see the comfirmed purchase

Could you possibly send a screenshot of the IF app running so we can ascertain wether you have the Global update yet?

Thanks :)

In order to fly global you need a live pro subscription ;)

That’s what I bought

Please send a pic of the main menu screen on the app

Also, have you logged into your account?

Apple website, settings on device, etc

Uninstall the app and install it again. I saw someone doing that and it was fixed


There you go, sorted

I’ve tried 5 times before this topic

The initial loading takes some time. Happy flying :)

You too, have fun and if you could please fly to Terrace BC YXT and put some photos on a new topic. Cheers

Don’t have the update yet :) I’m on Android.