I bought an airplane and it's not available for me.

Hello yesterday I made a new purchase of an airplane in the if, so that at the time of the purchase something happened, so I was not with the plane … I was withdrawn the money from my balance and … and when I try to buy it again even plane tells me that I already have this plane and on the way to buy again … I still have the proof of purchase receipt in my email … can someone help me to solve this problem ???

Thank you for contacting support! To better assist you could you please provide us with what kind of device and OS you use?
We appreciate your patience and look forward to resolving this!

Kind Regards, Sebastian


hello refers to what specifically …? the model of the pin and the platform?

Exactly. The way to fix this is not the same on iOS vs Android :)

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experia xa1 …android

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ok I also have the proof of purchase if it is necessary


  1. Have you tried restarting your device? If yes and it didn’t help, check below.

  2. Have you tried to remove (uninstall) Infinite Flight, restarting your device and then download Infinite Flight again?

Android works a bit different from iOS, and in-app purchases are automatically restored once you download the app again. Something probably just glitched on Play Store during your purchase and a reinstallation should help.


the plane has just become available thanks a lot for the help and thank you very much … keep up the good wor

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Glad to hear!

Have a nice day!

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