I bought a sub and it didn’t come to me

Hi , today 22/3 I bought a sub via Visa card and it didn’t come to me and please help me , here is the email Of the AppStore
Please help me to get the sub back and thanks

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Hi! Have you tried logging out, closing IF, restarting your device, reopening IF and tapping ‘Fly Online!’?

Hey , I just checked my accounts and I bought on my second account ,thanks

Have you tried the steps above though?

No no I made a mistake I didn’t buy it on my main account

M’kay. If I’m correct, @schyllberg is able to help you out with transferring the sub to your main.

Thanks 🙏 a lot

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Everyone this is off topic

Wait, what?

?? What , it’s off topic

What’s off topic? I’m confused.

Probably should be the end of discussion. The OP found out what to do. Contact the right person, no need for anymore discussions:)