I bought a Live plan for 30 days and I can't access it.

Hi, I have a huge problem. I bought a Live plan for 30 days and I can’t use it. Please help me out!

Hi! Have you receive a receipt from Google/App Store?

Are you using Android or iPhone/iPad?

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Did you buy it on the IF website?

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Hello! When creating a support post please read this topic and provide device, os, etc. Thanks :)


I did receive a receipt and I am on Android.

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No, I bought it from the app.

Okay, my device is an Version Ellipsis 7 and the Software version is Android 4.4.2. This is not my first time buying an IAP in IF.

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Are you sure the payment went through? If not, you might want to just buy it again.

I have had this issue. Contact @david and send a screenshot of the purchase receipt and tell him your display name/user name. He will manually activate the subscription for you if your receipt is valid.

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I can’t PM yet though.

Yes, I got a receipt.

@Henrik @Carson can you set up a PM with him and @david?

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I have a screenshot of the receipt.

You probably don’t want to ask anyone else to set it up for you because they’ll see all your personal info when you send the receipt, and @Henrik and @Carson are pretty trustworthy that I know of

I sent it to David via the new member PM.


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