I believe discourse should fix this

Typing in an unknown HTML code triggers an empty post that should really be revised

This results in an empty post

watch <style type="hi">

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It’s clearly a glitch

yea i dont see the words hi anywhere

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If you type anything under the code, nothing comes up either

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wow this needs to be fixed asap

Where is the topic exclusively dedicated for this HTML code?

I was testing a code to see if you can type upside down. This happened


Yay finally I can skip the ten character limit ;)

Though why would I need to? ;)


There is another way.

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We have the 10 letter limit for a reason and any bypass of the rule outside test threads like these is not tolerated.


This is a known bug. You can visit http://meta.discourse.org and search for details.

Found the link for you:

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I was flagged and demoted from first Regular round because making the bypass inside test category !

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I highly doubt that. Even if you were it may have been because:

  1. The test category wasn’t on bypassing the limit
  2. You were over using it, once you test something in the test category and see it works, there is no need to keep doing it or engage in off topic conversation.
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That’s so cool

Make sure Harrison :)

I know😉😉😉

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