I asked Chat GPT to generate me a flight in Infinite Flight


You may have used Chat GPT for a range of purposes, such as writing your essays or even to tell you a humorous joke…

Curiously, I requested it’s assistance in generating a flight for me to perform in Infinite Flight. To my amazement, it not only provided me with the necessary departure and arrival airports and an estimated flight duration, but it also created a detailed flight plan, complete with the runways I’ll be using. Consequently, I decided to embark on the proposed flight as my first flight fully planned by Chat GPT in Infinite Flight. This is how it went…

Step 1

I asked Chat GPT to generate a flight which would be under 1hr 30m

Step 2

The AI generated me a domestic flight itinerary from Dubai to Abu Dhabi using the Boeing 737-800. The response was impressive providing me with a flight plan along with specific departure and arrival runways.

A notable feature of the AI’s generated flight plan is its recommendation to adhere to all Air Traffic Control (ATC) instructions, and reminder to plan for weather conditions.

Where it went wrong…

Here I encountered a slight issue… the AI gave me a flight plan which went to every corner of the globe… It turns out the flight plan was not at all accurate.

After conducting a separate test it gave me a correct flight plan for a route from New York to Boston.


Firstly, the AI was unable to provide me with information such as weather updates and flight restrictions. It’s also worth noting that the Dubai to Abu Dhabi flight generated by the AI is not a real-world commercial flight. Additionally, the waypoints provided were incorrect. Nevertheless, when I conducted a follow-up test with additional parameters, including preferred airline and aircraft, I was pleased to discover that the results were more accurate and realistic. For instance, when generating a flight plan from JFK to BOS, the AI provided correct waypoints that were compatible with Infinite Flight, as well as an appropriate aircraft and airline.

Despite these minor limitations, the AI delivered an impressive flight itinerary that included fine details such as the departure and arrival runways, paired with a picturesque and enjoyable route. I’m sure that in the not so distant future, more complex and detailed flight plans can be made for Infinite Flight by AI engines such as Chat GPT. I will be sure to use AI again to create my Infinite Flight route itinerary’s, testing it with these more complex parameters.

To conclude, using Chat GPT to create a flight itinerary for Infinite Flight is both a good and bad idea. If it goes well, you will be given a fully functioning flight plan. However, on other occasions, the flight plan will be totally incorrect, leading you far away from your planned destination.

Have you utilized or would you consider using AI to create a flight itinerary for your Infinite Flight journey? Share thoughts and experiences below!


I may try this!

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Yea its definitely worth trying. Its a bit hit or miss on how accurate it can be so be sure to check if the flight plan is correct etc. Good luck!

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The flight plan issue you might have faced is that there are sometimes multiple waypoints with the same name, what you can do is retype the tricky waypoint and see if one option is appropriate.

Otherwise it is really cool!

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I’ve got to try this!

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ChatGPT is a very powerful tool. I’ve also had some fpl issues with it though. Other than that, I love it!


I did exactly this. Some waypoints did not even exist + if there were multiple options none of them were appropriate for the route. It’s constantly improving though so I’m sure this issue will be sorted in the near future!

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Powerful tool and quite frightening really… did not expect it to give me the impressive response it did!

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It cant due that, because ChatGPT in itself is only capable of providing info until the point in time the current version was released. It thus only can consider past/unchanging info, but not info subject to regular adaptation.

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fair. Hence this is a limitation to using Chat GPT for planning your flights

I thought you really presented your topic well.

I gave ChatGpt the highlights of the problems you described with its provided flight plan, and asked it to comment on specialized human expertise (such as your intervention in fixing the FP) and the prospects for future versions of AI models to deal with these kinds of errors. ChapGpt’s response:

AI language models like ChatGPT4 may improve in accuracy and field-specific knowledge, but they are unlikely to surpass human specialists anytime soon. While AI models can process large amounts of data quickly, they lack the nuanced understanding and experience that human specialists bring to their work.

Human specialists use critical thinking and creativity to solve complex problems and make informed decisions, as well as intuition and experience to navigate unexpected situations. AI models can still be useful tools for providing insights and generating ideas, but they may not be able to replace human expertise and experience in a particular field. As AI technology advances, models may become more sophisticated and improve their problem-solving skills, but limitations will still exist.

The one time I asked ChatGPT for a FP, I asked for a route connecting the best meteor craters in the world that could be reached in a single flight with an A350. However, I didn’t get around to testing it.


I mean tbh you don’t need to know weather cause IF does not have weather

This is a great response and also great to hear what Chat GPT thinks about it. Of course limitations will be ever present. It could be the case that in the future as the AI improves, the errors such as the inaccurate flight plan will be reduced. We just have to keep testing it!

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I beg to differ… Try to land during strong gusting crosswinds and low visibility. That’s weather.

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