I appreciate it👍🏾

Good morning or afternoon IFC I would just like to take the time to thank @Prashant_Divedi for getting me into EDDF quickly and smoothly and having to deal with all of that traffic much love and respect my friend😁 as for tower (even tho I forgot who was controlling) I appreciate u being online and taking all of those departures cause man Ik I couldn’t lol and thanks for reminding me to change to ground frequency and I said thank u to ground with the mic msg feature in app but I felt this would be better so THANK YOU guys can’t wait to fly into ur respective airspace’s again one day (hopefully soon)
Thanks for reading my post everyone and have a great rest of ur day

-America 70 heavy


While I’m on this thread, I’d like to thank all IFATC controllers. Although reports and violations happen, y’all are what keeps the expert server as expert as possible. Y’all in the IFATC organization, thank you once again!


@haitianpilot44 That’s your approach path. Glad you liked the service you received!


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