I apologize

Hello guys!

I want to apologize for the brief, but poor Approach service at KCLT. It was more than I could chew, especially since I have been up 18 Hours today haha :D

Anyway, I am truly sorry… Tony Farrell,​ Mark Miller​ and few more…

//Drago AC2


Does anyone know how many planes are usually covered by each Approach controller in real world?

Not nearly as many as IF haha!

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Preach… I can’t even begin to guess the kind of workload we get as compared to real life. Not bad for a couple people who lounge at home on their devices all day, eh?


@StikLover2 you’re actually controlling a lot less than a lot of real life approach controllers, but the skill of the people your controlling, coupled with the text / limited command interface, your workload would easily be more than doubled


Drago, I’ll speak for the Pilot Community. We recognize the hard work and dedication of all our volunteer IF Comrads who man the ATC nodes. No matter the quality of service, highly skill or as a trainee the fact that you give of yourself for “Our” Community’s benefit is our reward… As John Wayne said; " Never Apologize…etc". Thank you for your service warts and all. Mad Max Sends


Hi there Drago,

Good on you for aplogising.

But… don’t give up. PlayGround server is for serious learners, and if you are one, the you are allowed to make mistakes. Also, you are on this Forum, which I think is a good thing!

I knew nothing about ATC work before I joined this Forum, and in the past months I learned a lot from the Topics, asking questions and flying on the Advanced Server and trying apply myself what I learn there.

Keep on ATC-ing! :-)

Loool I am an advanced atc XD
I controlled last night at FNF, with saggy eyes XD
But thank you for your kind words!

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Tnx Max :)!