I apologize to the Infinite team

“Sometimes apologizing is not a sign of weakness, but of civility.- my philosophy”.
Good education says that when you acknowledge the mistake, you should apologize.
Well I’m acknowledging my mistake for not understanding the English used here at infinite. l and this led me to a series of mistakes.
I had decided to never use Server Expert again because of the punishments that in my case were due to distraction or certain difficulties in understanding English. I did not realize the evolution that was in the training and today I went and used it is very different from when I started and then calmly and without the punishments I could see some things that in the Expert pressure I did not see. So I could see a serious mistake on my part and so I’m to say sorry the infinite team.
I could able to see the logic inside the system and this is necessary for me otherwise there is no sense in my mind.
I will continue in the training to understand better and I advise the same to those who are having difficulties of understanding. Look for the answer, there is always one.
As said here in others post I use infinite in a very different way and it helped me a lot today.

Thank you for your patience.


Hello @demetrius_Souza,

Were you reported on expert for something? I’m sure there is people in the community that will be able to help you better understand certain things within Infinite Flight so you can feel more comfortable flying on the expert server. We have many multilingual members that may speak the language you speak. :)


Hello @demetrius_Souza

You had sent the message to me a while ago, and I understand you have hard time with English/Understandable. But let me tell you this, don’t give up to learn English instead, I courage to you keep learning English and you will be there one day. We always make mistake and fail, but we keep going and never stop. That is the one way to do it.


Hello @demetrius_Souza

You must not give up. Everyone is not perfect at the start. I have a tip for you to learn english. You could try Duolingo. It’s free and you can learn quickly.


I just did the registration in the Duolingo
Thank you


Never give up young gunner. Learn as you do and I expect to see you in my airspace on the expert server soon. I will welcome you with open arms. Mistakes make you better. Xx

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I will give my better.
thank you for support

A few thoughts and ideas from my side:

In Switzerland I started to learn English in 6th Grade when I was 12 years old (maybe it’s changed now, but it’s around the 6th). The English I learned in School taught me how to use Grammar and form sentences. However, the vocabulary I learned in School taught me nothing. We learned words like umbrella or parrot. Nothing you really use when you want to make conversation.

Same for French. I started having French lessons in school in 4th Grade when I was 10 years old. And as of today, my French is still terrible even though I had French lessons in School for more than 9 years. However, my English today is business fluent. I can advise clients in English, I spent 10 days traveling through Canada on my own and I survived and I was able to get through a TSA interview when entering the US without problems!

So what’s the difference? Why’s my English good and my French terrible? It’s because of the vocabulary. So how did I get it even though I didn’t learn it in School?

Here’s how:

  1. I read (present and past) English articles on the Internet and I immediately translate a word I don’t know using a translator app.

  2. I watch all my favorite series in English. I used to watch the dubbed versions in German. Then started to watch the original English versions with German subtitles. My vocabulary grew instantly. Now I switched to English subtitles. And if there’s a word I don’t know, I immediately look it up to learn it. My vocabulary grows everytime I watch a show.

  3. I write in English. And this community is the perfect place to do so. And if I come to a point where I don’t know the English word I want to write I immediately translate the German word so I learn it.

  4. I think in English and I translate the words I want to think but I don’t know yet.

  5. When I speak English at work and there’s a word coming up I don’t know when I can’t translate it instantly I try to find a synonym or to describe it. However, I translate it immediately when I get the chance afterwards.

  6. That’s a weird one but believe me that’s actually the most helpful one: You can only improve a language by speaking it. And besides work where I can use it maybe twice a day, there’s no opportunity for me to speak English. That’s why sometimes I actually soliloquize or think out loud when I’m alone so I get to speak English. Believe me, it sounds weird and people would probably judge me if they’d see me, but it’s extremely helpful. (Btw. I didn’t know the word soliloquize so I justed looked it up and learned a new word!).

So as you can see, it’s actually mostly all about vocabulary. Just try to use the language and translate words you don’t know. And when your vocabulary grows, you’ll immediately get better.

And btw, I’m not saying my English is perfect. It isn’t. But it’s good enough for me to express myself, sell products at work, travel around and write stories about learning English online. So it works 😊


@demetrius_Souza You can’t just do it once and give up. As @Chris_Wing said, try Duolingo. It’s easy to use. Once you understand ATC commands, you’ll see it’s so much better. Give it a try :)

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Don’t worry man, we all make mistakes, I’m glad you owned up to it!

And don’t worry about the english, keep going, eaven native speakers make mistakes. Have you seen any of my posts? 😂 #Dyslexiasucks


Hey,talking to people in this community is a good way to learn english and dont give up man.


DuoLingo is EXCELLENT for general fluency, but it won’t help much with the simulator.

My recommendation is to explore the ATC and pilot communication menus to see every possible thing that could be said, and learn the context in which each one is used.

You already know most of it, I’m sure.


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