I apologize for my ATC procedures

When visited by some IFATC pilots on YBBN, i appologize for the pattern works I did, cause i feel somethings missing on my pattern working and did some mistakes, I’m looking forward for ur comments and improve myself
Tnx in advance :)


Were you controlling or flying, it’s sort of unclear from your post?

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I was doing atc on YBBN, then they’ve asked for remaining in the pattern, i did some mistakes and missing some pattern works

No need to apologize, you’re learning. :)


Controlling a pattern is challenging:

First, when you clear them for takeoff, you will tell them to make right or left traffic. This is the direction they will be turning for the rest of the pattern unless you change it.

Second, after they depart you will give them a sequence. This tells them what number in line they are to perform a touch and go. For example, if the departing aircraft are second in line and the person who is first in line is on final, you would tell them “Number 2, traffic to follow is on final”.

Third Once they acknowledge this, you can clear them for the option. Clearing someone for the option allows them to do a touch & go, short approach, low approach, stop & go, etc. They will then perform from the list above and if they depart again, you repeat the process.

This image is a great learning tool to understand a basic traffic pattern.
Image result for Traffic pattern

Also, check out this link.

And lastly, check out this video!

Feel free to ask any questions!


Mistakes are what we can improve from and we would be human without them :) I still make tones today!

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Cause when they asked for touch n go, i gave them clear to land, than it should be clear for the option make left/right traffic

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Yes. A tip, if you clear someone for the option, you don’t need to tell them “after the option make left traffic” if they have already been told. PM me and I’ll come down and fly with you! I’ll answer any questions you have :)

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If they’re remaining in the pattern for the same runway then they should receive a “cleared for the option” without the make left/right traffic. If you assign someone a new runway then they would receive the make left/right traffic instruction in the clearance.

See 6.4 of the ATC Manual.


Tnx for the tips/comments capts, much appreciated looking forward doin my best to improve myself :)


Oh wow, I didn’t know that too.So for the past 2 years I have been doing this wrong…(TSATC still got a lot to learn)

If your goal is to become an expert server controller, then the best way to learn would be to go through the IFATC testing process. Once you attempt a theory test you will be able to receive training from someone like myself, an IFATC Trainer. See section 11 of the ATC Manual for more details.


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