I apologize for anyone offended


I hope ya’ll are good. If you don’t know what has been going on, I changed my profile to Kim Jon Un, and I was supposed to act like Kim Jong Un too. However, that is not the problem. I think I went too far with acting like Kim Jong Un, because I posted some things that most wouldn’t find offensive, but some may. I have deleted those posts. I was just wanting to act like Kim Jong Un for some laughs, but “all fun must end”, @Butter_Boi. I thought the past few days were hilarious, but I think some people may have been offended.

BTW, in just the first 30 minutes I have started acting like Kim Jong Un, I got 4 different DMs.

I hope ya’ll are well


It takes a good man to realize his mistakes and change for the better. I commend you for that. I personally wasn’t offended by what I saw, but I agree that others could’ve been. You were just trying to spread some laughs, and all fun must end (at some point). Though acting like Kim Jong in might not be the best way to do that. 😂

All is forgiven.


If I had to be honest, I thought it was pretty darn hilarious.


I kinda thought it was hilarious too lol, but I get why people could get offended


Yeah, me too. It gave me a good laugh.

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I would say, “As long as you don’t steal a propaganda poster” whenever someone asked to come to North Korea. Many would think that was funny including me, but I think that 1% people would get offended which I understand.

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Wait, you’re not Kim? There goes my world domination plan :(


My dad’s name is Kim and he was born in Korea, but he is from South Korea and his last name is not jong un.

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I thought it was funny for a while, but then it got a little old.

It takes a good person to realize he made a bad choice and act accordingly, great job.

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Thanks! See you around.