I am very scared for a 21 hours long haul please help me!

That reminds me: Make sure to keep your device cool and brightness down and graphics + plane count to low and none
Preferably have one of those standing cases if you have a tablet

You know after 6:48 hours my game crashes as most of the time it can’t take the load of the amount of gb that infinite flights takes

Clear scenery cache before you fly and since you’re using the 77W put view to instruments

Ok lemme try getting a better route of like 18 hours

KJFK - NZAA is one that could be completed in the 77W and is also a real route! I think it’s about 16 hours long, so it is definitely doable if you keep your load factor light and really fill up on fuel.

Ok lemme try

hi @Yash_Prabhu

Suggest that you have a read through here and follow the advice for an incident free long-haul flight!

happy flying!

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Thankyou I’ve already seen that but I am still worried.

would suggest that pick a real life long haul flight, use the same aircraft as well as take off and landing airports and use simbrief to generate a flight plan for you. That should give you better confidence of the flight being sucsessful .

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I’d say if you feel like you’re running out of feul mid-flight, I’d divert to the nearest airport. If you’re crossing an ocean, Start praying. Moving on, watch your weight. Use the LR of the 777, It’s better and do step climbs to increase the effiency. All I have to say is if you run out of fuel over the north/south atlantic, Tell **447 I said hi(It’s only a joke with no harm intended).

Hey, For weight, pretend you are a cargo pilot flying cotton to the other side of the world as it is lightweight and use the rest of your weight in fuel.

300er can fly for 21 hrs…

Follow pre-flight, and listen to your given instruments, procedures, etc. Furthermore listen to all ATC instructions, unless warranted by a legitimate reason. This has proved successful countless times, and I doubt it would change for this occasion.

As someone who has conducted many of these here in my time on the IFC, I wish you the best of luck, and to not overthink it. If you have any further questions feel free to shoot me a DM. :)

BRO. This is like 19hrs.

Step climb will be a true method tho

or just maintain a low altitude for the whole flight

This is really late but:

I made this calculator specifically for situations like this, instructions are included in the post, hope it helps!


That was helpful. Thankyou

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