I am very scared for a 21 hours long haul please help me!

Ok yes the 777-300er I will be flying and I will be flying with a lot of cargo and passengers so I am scared that in middle of the flight my plane doesn’t run out of fuel. Please help me as I would look out on your advice to what I should do for a 21 hours long haul.

Watch your PAX and cargo and also you should be using the 777-200LR
Step climbs

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Maybe don’t have passengers of cargo

That’s the point I wanna be realistic in IF so I need passangers and cargo.

I don’t want to use that airplane actually.

If u wanna be realistic a 25 hour flight isn’t realistic.


But IF is realistic

Let’s change it to 21 hour then

There isn’t a 25 hour flight in the world.


You want to be realistic but at the same time you want to fly a 25 hour flight with a 77W with PAX and cargo


I changed it to 21 hour that’s London to auckland

Will it work is my question

With too much PAX and cargo you don’t have a chance

Let’s say 13000kg cargo and 310 passangers would it work??

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The bottom line is if you want to fly for that long, you need the majority of your weight for fuel. It might be possible for you to add passengers and cargo, but very very few if so. My suggestion is instead of finding a workaround for the small number of passengers, maybe it could be a test flight of some sort? Like just a survey type thing to see how the aircraft performs on the route and how passengers and crew handle such a long flight. Good luck! :)

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I don’t think so but feel free to try and divert as necessary

Like Qantas’ Project Sunrise?

I dont think so a survey would work.

Yeah something like that :) It might make it possible for you to complete the flight, while still having it be reasonably realistic! I’m sure you chose the 77W for a reason, but there’s also always the 787 or A350 if you are super committed to that flight. They would perform a lot better on that route and you might have a higher chance of making it to Auckland. Be sure to plan diversion airports, because there are no guarantees that it would work out the way you want.

I tried once like I reached till around Australia in a350 but my game crashed