I am trying to switch from Android to ios

If I want to change from Android to iOS shall I pay again to app store in order to download infinite flight simulator pls help


Yea you have to pay again to download the app on IOS. But your subscription will stay all you have to do is log in


Unfortunately you will have to pay again, however if you log in with the same account you will keep all of your progress, and your subscription

Just to clarify, when the people above are saying “you have to pay again to download the app on IOS”, they mean that you will need to pay the $4.99 that the app itself costs, but you will not have to pay the $59.99 subscription if you already have a subscription on your Android device.
They do not mean you’ll have to pay for the $59.99 subscription again.

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There is no need to reply to a question that was answered an hour ago.


sorry lol i’m an idiot! thanks for letting me know…

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Hi there,

Yes, indeed you would need to purchase the game again, but your subscription remains there with whatever account you got it with.

Hope it helps!

Thank you for helping me

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