I am trying to be an IFATC

How can I pass the ATC exam ? Does it difficult?
I think I have prepared some times.


The test is not difficult!Believe yourself!

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I have passed the written test and I am soon taking the practical it is not the hardest test but you need to prepare yourself watch the YouTube videos and you will be fine

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If you read the public IFATC manual, watched and read all the tutorials and you‘re experiencing ATC services on the Expert Server, you‘ll do fine! Make sure to have a sheet of paper and a pencil during the test, some questions might seem confusing and a sketch could be helpful.

Just be confident!

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Why is always the most random topics bumped. I don’t understand how people find them.


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I don’t know to be honest @Echo_Lan probably has already take there written exam.

Try ur best and good luck hope u pass

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