I am told to contact unicom after I takeoff

The reason for that is just to get you off the frequency, ur not supposed to do much of anything after contacting that unicom other than send a message to be off the previous person atc list. When u get in range of the tower you would contact them like normal


It happened the same. Kuala Lumpar had tower and approach controlling at that time but he told me to contact unicom.

Hi I was in Approach,generally when you contact APPROACH after departure you get altitude and heading to your destination,to organise our airspace,then i tell you frequency change approved,but many people stay with me,so we tell "contact xxx unicom to be sure that you switch off,doesn’t matter how how far is.when you are about 60 nm from your destination you can contact your approach.


If the controller tells you to “Resume own navigation” it means that you are on you’re own for navigating. In the case of of what you requested for (Flight following), it would say preceed on course too, so all in all it doesn’t make a difference of what he said.

Being sent to the Unicom doesn’t make sense, you should’ve been just sent “Fequency change approved”.


To get off of a controllers aircraft list you need to exit the active frequency then select a Unicom, most pilots on the app are unaware of this. it saves the controller valuable time by just telling an aircraft to contact a Unicom instead of sending “frequency change approved” then having to take time to find and delete that aircrafts flight strip.


How do you switch off?

He means switch to another frequency.

You have in the options,when i tell you "contact WMKK unicom you have in automatic

What aircraft were you flying? And did you have a Flight Plan?

Boeing 787-9. No, I just set the waypoint to the destination airport

I don’t think you should be requesting “Flight Following” in a 787-9. If i’m not mistaken, I believe the correct thing to ask for is “Radar Vectors” when flying Jets. Flight Following I believe is for “General Aviation”, and commercial aircraft don’t fly VFR.


@Mark_Denton just posted a tutorial video where he was flying a heavy jet and requested flight following. Now I’m confused, because yeah, I thought flight following was for GA too.

Check out this thread:

Yes you can request flight following, if you filed a flight plan. But, with IF’s current maps, and large amounts of traffic in one map, most likely ATC will have you deviate from your FPL due to heavy traffic. When traffic isn’t heavy, then most likely they will let you navigate from your FPL. Once global comes out Flight Following can be used better due to traffic being spread out across the world, instead of one region.

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The perfect request should be “request ILS approach”, with RV I give you vectors to base or downwind.not to the intercept,but when is busy is a bit hard.

Why should they request and ILS approach to an airport you don’t cover?

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may I ask: why don’t you just remove the flight strips (swipe right) after the resume own navigation instead of sending them additional to unicom ?

From now i will,but many time i did and they comeback to me again,and when in very busy is annoying.was my first session as APPROACH controller 😜

I was referring when they ask to my airport.they don’t have to ask me ILS if I’m not the destination.but anyway they can ask whatever they want.

Sometimes when I am on approach and hide a strip it will reappear if I zoom in or out.

I think the point needs to be made that when the airspace is not busy the approach controller will sometimes act as the departure controller too. If this is the case TOWER WILL TELL YOU TO CONTACT APPROACH/DEPARTURE. Do not switch to approach after takeoff just because they are there. If approach is available and you take off, stay with the tower until they tell you to switch. If they give you a “frequency change approved” then contact the nearest unicom.

Approach controllers have a certain area that we work within and not all airports in the region are serviced by the same approach controller. If we are acting as departure, we will give you a heading and altitude and send you on your way. Sometimes everyone taking off and checking in when they are not asked to can be distracting when the airspace if busy with inbounds. We try to fully staff airports but depending on the time of day this may not happen. Shameless plug, PM me if you want more information to join IFATC :)

So once you take off, follow tower’s instructions on which frequency to go to and dont switch to approach just because they are there unless asked.


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