I am TL2 but no VA category?

I this right or not because people are saying that when you hit TL2 you get the VA category

You need to be a TL2 user (Member) in order to post in #live:va.

I am a member

i got a pic

No need for this. They won’t close it if it’s ok.

According to me you are now TL2. try posting now:

A mod may be able to reinstate your old topic also.

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I god dam hope so! lol

The create new topic is greyed out and it has a circle and a line going trough it which means I cant access it for some reason??

Screenshot please

Ok i sending it now

it is greyed out @IceBlue

Hmmm… I’m not sure in this case. I’ve asked the mods for some insight.

ok… this is confusing i though when you reach TL2 you can start using the VA category

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@Tyler_Gaske try closing the tab/ web browser and then reloading. It may not of updated yet

so reload it

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ok i will try

Or try logging out of your formum account reloading the page then login again.

Yes it worked thanks for helping me


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