I am tired of KPAE

Well more spotting at KPAE. The 757 is from a different day from all other pics.

Picture machine

Canon EOS rebel T6

This fence is my enemy I don’t care if it gives me 1 million dollars it still is my enemy

Big red thing

Another FedEx plen

UPS and FedEx and I still have no package😑

Tiny plen battling winds

No birb sorry:(

Thanks for viewing bye 👋


Wow was it raining?
Cause the watery runway is beaurtiful


Yes it was Washington can be annoying like that but it gives good shots

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Those wet runway shots are great! I want to go spotting at KPAE, seems like it gets quite a bit of cargo action, no?

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I’d be happy to take your spot at KPAE, one of my favorite places to spot. I was last there in 2019 but never had a camera.

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If you go at the right time you can get some delivery flights that’s what I did for these except the 757 that is scheduled

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KPAE is a great spotting airport if you go at the right time

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Wow! Wyatt, these pictures are amazing! Really great job!


Thank you:)

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Thanks for the kind words everyone! :)

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