I am thinking about quitting here

hi guys. I am thinking about quitting this community. all of my posts get flagged for no reason, because I state my opinion? and its not like I said anything bad anyways. I think its way too serious and I’ll probably quit. if you want me to stay gimme 3 reasons why I should stay.


I had the same problem but trust me this is a very welcoming environment I’m sorry to here that your posts are getting flagged.


thank you for being understanding bro

  1. Maybe you should read about how we do things around here a little more.

  2. You have people you can DM whenever you need help. The IFC’s all family in here 😉

  3. Get to know your community by joining VA’s and events, and maybe learn a valuable thing or two from them!


My PM box is always open if you want to talk🙂


I read the guidelines but it feels like im not allowed to state my opinion

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You are, but think about how you do it :)


ok ill try to do that bro


This community is very supportive and we help each other out. Don’t feel discouraged because you got your posts flagged. It happens to everyone :). Before you know it you will be popular in the community and you will be assisting many IF pilots. You will never get there quitting.

If that wasn’t enough… here are your three reasons

  1. Enhances Infinite Flight to a whole new level, you can join Virtual Airlines/Airways, you can participate in events, join groups like IFATC, and IFAE.

  2. You can give back to the community and ask wide-open questions ( reasonable though) like this in which people will be willing to assist you and eventually you can give back to others by assisting them.

  3. You can enhance yourself as a pilot giving others feedback and learning from experienced or even real-world pilots.

I would definitely stay… It only gets better trust me. This is The Best!!! community out there :)

Hope I could help you, feel free to tag me @Jster82x or PM me if you have any questions, like the rest of the community, I am here to help. :)

Remember you can say anything you want as long as you think about what you say.


oh wow thanks so much bro

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You are most definitely welcome, I would say at first familirize yourself with this community, try to make an inner circle of friends. Later on try joining groups like Virtual Airlines/Airways, IFATC, and IFAE ( as I mentioned) and a lot more. You can eventually make and participate in flyouts from your favorite airports ;).

We accept everyone here with care and gratitide, it doesnt matter wether you are a veteran of this community or you just joined, we are always willing to help and we will accept you the same way.

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3 reasons.

  1. The community is a great place to make friends and fly with people even

  2. You can hear about events and updates (including clouds) on this forum

  3. You can have someone to meet if you ever go to flight sim expo.

Hope this keeps u on the forum

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@yeeteyyeetyeet. MaxSez: Adios, watch out fir the door. You been here since early April. Decisive Tropics and Worthwhile, Not! History will judge!
G’day Max