I am supposed to be Grade 5

Hello. I am supposed to be Grade 5 due to @BhuvanBruh telling me that I am supposed to be grade 5. Here is my stats.

Please help me out here thanks.

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can you scroll down to the L3 violations. And I dont think you have the required 90 day landings

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Its the last one at the bottom preventing you from being G4 you will need to wait until at least one of the violations drops off, and then you will need to wait for the rest of them to fall off before G5, you also won’t be G5 until you get the 90 day landing to above 180 I believe.

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What’s grade 4 then. Oh the violation

G4 is the next grade you are going for. It says on the table that you are G3.

Grade 4 = your violations are preventing you from attaining.

Grade 5 = same story + landings need to be higher for 90 day period.

Ok so once one of my violations go I’ll be G4 then. So I’m already half way to 180 landings then @CPT_Colorado. Wait so I have to wait until all my violations are gone.

For grade 5 I think so. I’m not sure what the number of Violations for G5 is but you will need to wait for most of them to fall off yes.

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Ok @CPT_Colorado

Here’s the updated Grade Table:

Essentially to be Grade 5 you need to have more landings in the past 90 days - you have 143, you need 180.

Your Level 1 Violation/Landings ratio needs to be below 0.05 (yours is 0.09)

You have 1 to many L2 violations (1 Year) - G5 requires only 2, you have 3.

You need a maximum of 2 (All Violations) in 1 Year, you have 5.

Also don’t get any more L3 violations as you are on the limit for L3 Violations in 1 Year.

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