I am sorry

Hello everyone …
Finally, I‘m back (as some of you know I’v been suspended for over 1 month) and I really have to excuse myself for my bad behavior. I know it was not right to hate other aircraft but it felt like everyone was fighting against each other. This is why I learned not to be emotional anymore about which aircraft is better. In the end you can see it literally didn‘t affect anything. I was away for a long time , didn‘t had the chance to talk to you guys and it really made me think about my mistakes.
I hope we can all forget about it and continue in a friendly, non emotional atmosphere. Btw, the 757 looks really good ;)
For those who still want to talk about it, don‘t hesitate to DM me.



You know it takes a lot of courage to admit making a mistake. By taking the time to apologize and learn from your mistakes you proved yourself as an honorable person.
Great to have you back and wish you nice landings!


Great to have you back and glad to here that you accept responsibility for your actions.

Hope you have a positive future here.

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It takes a good person to admit their mistakes, but it takes a great person to change for the better.

I’m really glad to see you back my friend. 😉


Passion is one of the many drivers of the soul. Sometimes passion can lead us down windy roads that we never intended on. To be able to reconcile, and return a better person is a quality not found as abundantly as it once was. Welcome back, and cheers to better futures!


Welcome back