I am recording, I need pilots

Hello everyone! I need 3 people to please come in WMKK in one of the following of Qatar.

A380fan - A380
AlotOfQuestions - A340
PlanesForLife - A319

I also need any advanced ATC official to please PM. I need you to be ATC For WMKK. Thank you.

77W is the 300er?


I will be the a340

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What will be happening - will we be doing patterns or just a ground run?

Yeah 77W is the 777-300ER

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Alright thanka, I suck with the 300er

I will be recording for a promo video.

Okay I will come in A380

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Other what?

Anybody else willing? I need one more.

What gate?

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Gate C35 for you
Gate C34 for A380 fan
Gate C37 for someone else

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are callsigns should be?

I need one more pilots. @MishaCamp do you mind coming?

Qatar something. It really doesn’t matter, since I will hide your Callsigns.

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I’m off to catch Pokemon so no can do, sorry!


omg same (but later in the day)

donate me some rares

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Haha! Pokemon is like the new Candy Crush! Anybody else?

I could come! Not in a 77W though! I can’t fly 777s to save my life!


Okay, so you want the a319?