I am Really Sorry

Hi guys,

I would like to sincerely apologise for not understanding as much of the forum as a lot of you. My topics have been closed because of me not understanding all the rules. I don’t want to be annoying, I don’t want to look like I’m not good at contributing. I was told not to clog up the forum and now I understand it, the mistakes I made. I especially apologise to @Levet for trying to help me clean up the mess I made. I really appreciate help with understanding more of the forum.

I don’t want to make that mistake again and I owe you all a huge apology. Again, I’m really sorry to all of you for letting you all down and I promise it won’t happen ever again.


We’ll forgive you as long as you improve and learn from your past mistakes. 🙃

Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to improve and now I know what clogging the forum is like, it’s not gonna happen again. @Tsumia

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Just remember to think before you click that big blue button. Once it’s out, it’s out.

Also make sure to utilise the search bar before posting, to see what’s already been posted, as well as posts/ideas that didn’t go well in the past (other VATC requests).

See you later!


We all make mistakes. Just need to learn from them, that’s all! 💪


Take it as a learning experience! Every time you learn something you get better at it. Use this to motivate you to be better instead of putting you down. The mods are always available to help and give input if whenever needed. :)

Don’t worry about it. It takes a good person to realize their mistakes, but it takes a better one to admit to them.

Don’t be sorry. We want to see you grow and improve within the community. A great first step is picking Regular (TL3) members to emulate and look up to. They serve as role models within the community. Some of them are our virtual heroes.

You’ll get the hand of things and remember that everyone learns at their own pace so don’t get discouraged and lean on your peers more for assistance before you decide to post a topic or comment that you are unsure of. We are all in this together :)


I look forward to helping others in the same situation even if I’m not in TL3 and definitely not making those mistakes again in the community.

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That’s a good start!

Helping out others is a great way to build leadership, as a person, and within the community.

I can tell you with confidence that being on the community has made me a more mature person, as well as a better leader.

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I agree 100% and thanks for making me feel a bit better. I did feel super awful that I made a mistake in the community because I just wanna help others as well and get to make new friends.

Virtual Air Lines and Organizations are great for meeting new people and they are great for new challenges. VAs/VOs are a cornerstone for the live servers.

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Yeah, I’m actually currently awaiting review, well the 2nd step to be exact and I feel I’ve been doing pretty well handling responsibilities and that has helped me become a better person.

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Well that is really great news. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, who knows what the future holds?

You also don’t need experience! Helping people out, you always get to learn need things while helping!
It’s a win-win!

Hey man, mistakes, in a way, are good. If you actually look at what you did wrong and try to fix it, then all will be will. We’ve all been in this position. You’ll do better! 🙃

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This is why I avoid the forum. It’s like throwing myself to the tigers. There is some real good info on this forum, and in my opinion, the community vibe is not present whatsoever. I can’t feel it. So I totally value this as a resource but because I don’t think I understand it well enough, and I know I’m going to be attacked for doing something wrong, I just don’t post. Is it a good strategy? No, but I get what I need out of the forum by not posting and just reading. Hopefully being more involved will get you accustomed to the rules and be able to get a lot more out of it than me :)


Don’t worry. We have all been there. The forum rules are a bit confusing, Even after a year I still don’t know them all but you get the hang of it.

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We all have times at first where we don’t know our place, or feel we are put in trouble in our early days, and trust me I’ve been there (if anyone knows me, then Haha! I had some fun here… Cough suspension)

Anyway, over time you will mature, and see more opportunities rise, and get a more enjoyable experience daily. Only time can tell when this will happen, you’ve just got to get through it. Time well spent, is time well learnt. :)