I am purchased Live+, but when I go To "Fly online" it says "No Flight Servers Avalible"

Hello! I am an Infinate flight Veteran, but I just recently purchased live for the first time. I selected “Fly online” but when I go there It says there are no flight servers available, and the app is up-to-date. Will Helpful Communinity member, or a Staff member please tell me why I can’t access Online?

What device and operating system are you using?

Is it Live+ that you bought, not Pro? Reason i’m asking is because Live+ shouldn’t be possible to purchase anymore.

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Make sure that:

  • you have a proper internet connection
  • that you’re device is connected to a proper WiFi
    -delete all apps in the background
    -make a device restart and clear up your ram

I am on an IPad that is about 5 years old or so.

I would need to have a little more details than that. Model number would help? :)

But, spontaneously it sounds to me like you are using the older version of Infinite Flight (Not Global). Is that the case?

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Model number is currently un available, and what is the difference between Live and Global, since There are no options to buy Pro when I am on the app.

Okay, sounds like you have the older version then.
When did you purchase Live+?

December 4th of this year.

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Okay, that’s odd.
That product was cancelled and removed almost 2 months ago.
From where did you get Live+? Inside the app?

(I’m investigating the crash issue parallel to asking these questions)

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Yes, I purchased it in app.

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I just read your topic title and it happened to me today too (there was no servers showing up), but I closed and opened the app and it was fixed. Now I am on a 5-6 hour flight and all is working fine. And I use an iPhone, so no update for me by then.

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He’s on a older version, pre-global. Not the same version as you most likely :)


Thank you @SkyHigh , I will try that


I thought the pre-global online servers were still up & running after global came out. It’s just that you couldn’t buy a new subscription anymore for that service.

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That’s true. But he bought Live+ 5 days ago… that’s an issue.


So, is just like a quick fix problem or something bigger?

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I’m not sure yet, unfortunately most of Staff are currently sleeping… and i need help from them in this case to check a few things.

I’ll get back to you as soon possible.


Thank you for all the questions helping me troubleshoot. @schyllberg


If it helps, I have 2 subscriptions, I bought pro on my phone and I can play global just fine, but The problem is just with my I pad. Is it just that the game doesn’t support an IPad this old?

Oohh… yes. That explains it.