I am planning to fly around socal for around 3 - 4 hours will this get me lots of xp?

I am planning to do long flight up and down socal etc. I won’t be landing but intend to fly for 3 - 4 hours will this earn me lots of xp?


Probably about 2000xp, do touch and goes to get a lot more in a very short period of time


Thanks will include touch and goes as well thanks!


Thanks for the help (I was wondering the same question too!😀


I did this, got me about 2,300xp for a 2:12hr flight.

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Well, in 3-4 hours I would do 10000+XP, do pattern work and you will earn more XPs ;)

I did very tight t/g’s at EHAM. I earned 4000 xp within 35 minutes!


i think so yes, but landing would also gain you more xp and a higher grade, but flying for a long time does help

Just go from KLAX-KSAN With a Dash or Cessna and stop at every airport:)


Can I join u

yeah id like to fly around with u guys 2 ima probs be in a b777 or maybe an embrear? if i can join u guys which airport we gonna start in and when

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Hi All,

Even i can join. We can do a formation flight. Let me know when you are planning to start and from which airport.I will use Cessna. callsign : AI 198

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ill be in a dash callsign (i dont remember) but my infinite flight live name is alex rider so youll see me there, startig point will be KLAX, im in Cargo 1 Nippon, i think we should do it today in like 10 minutes, so get ready guys i think i remember some of my callsign, NV something or other

i have a terrible memory but, lets fly meet u guys there

I am going in next 10 mins. See you there. Just ping here when you join in.Thanks

im already in infinite flight dude, hurry up

i have joined.

Ishan are you in?

yes i am in nippon 2

see me? im a dash in nippon 1