I Am Now Wanted By The Belgian Secret Service

At the moment, I am still alive.

Not sure how long that’ll last, but if you stop hearing from me, you’ll know what will have happened. Oh and if you haven’t seen my last topic, go do that now while I’m still breathing: Behind The Scenes At TUI.

Well, I might as well leave my last words here. A few months ago, from the 10th to the 12th of October, my class took a school trip to a military school. We did this last year as well but I never got to take many pictures, and my “old” phone is broken so the ones I did take are lost.

This military school specialises in the training and educating of non-commissioned officers and aircraft technicians. Naturally we got more info and teachings on the aircraft side of things.

This school has 8 aircraft they use to train technicians with, ranging from smaller helicopters so older fighter jets. Two more aircraft are on display within the school. This makes a nice round number of 10, which is absolutely perfect for a spotting topic.

I won’t disclose the schools name because 1. It’s a pain to type and 2. … that’s about it.

It’s a place near the former Sint-Truiden Air Base so do your own research for once.

Basic information:

  • No runway info this time.
  • Camera: Samsung S22 (yes, a phone)
  • Lens: Phone lens… whatever the S22 uses.

Alright let’s quickly type this all out before a sniper takes me out.

Let’s start off alphabetically shall we. Even though everything here starts with “Belgian …”.

First up! A former Belgian Army Aérospatiale/Sud Aviation Alouette II (A53) made in @Robertine land.

Next to that was a former Belgian Navy Aérospatiale/Sud Aviation… Alouette *III (M-3), important difference in the name.

Next to that one was yet another helicopter! This time a former Belgian Army Agusta A109… or maybe an AgustaWestland AW109 (H-14), depending on when it was built.

Alrighty, here’s a thing that will definitely get me shot. Oh wait you can’t see it, there’s nothing on this photo…

This is a former Belgian Air Force IAI RQ-5 Hunter (287). Belgium was the only international operator of this UAV, and ours were designated as the B-Hunter.

Behind that… very empty space you might’ve seen a cheeky jet taking a peak. This jet has quite a nice history.

This is a former Belgian Air Force SABCA F-16B (FB-03). You might think “Hey, F-16s were built by General Dynamics and Lockheed”. You are correct, but all of the Belgian F-16s (the A and B ones) were license built by the Belgian company SABCA at Charleroi Airport. This was one of the first ones produced in 1979.

Next up we have a former Belgian Air Force Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jet (AT21), a co-devolped aircraft between France and Germany. This specific one is the trainer variant, as Belgium never operated the fighter ones.

Right next to that one we have another fighter, the former Belgian Air Force SABCA F-16A, same story as with the previously mentioned B variant.

And the last plane in the hangar is one we got to work on! This small little former Belgian Air Force trainer is a SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 (ST-09).

This particular one suffered a crash landing in 1997 at the Beauvechain Air Base. Luckily the pilot wasn’t killed, but the plane was written off as reportedly the whole tail section separated from the main structure.

It didn’t used to look like this either. Sometime between 2005 and 2021 the students of this school repainted this plane into the yellow livery it has now.

Now that’s not all, as I mentioned two more planes are displayed outside. And they are legendary.

First up, right outside the hangar we have this former Belgian Air Force SABCA Mirage V (BA-17). Again, it was license built by the Belgian company SABCA instead of Dassault.

This one, much like the SF-260, was painted by some students between 2005 and 2021.

And last, but very certainly not least, we have the Widowmaker… I mean the Starfighter! This former Belgian Air Force SABCA F-104. Yup, another Lockheed built under license by us Belgians.

Fun fact: Most Belgian fighter jets were built under license by SABCA. The F-35 will end that streak as Lockheed won’t let us build them ourselves. Thanks a lot Lockheed…

Well that’s that. Possibly my last ever topic depending on if I end up in a federal prison, under the ground, or worse.

I sure hope you all liked the shots! Let me know what you thought of them. just remember I may not reply if the secret service comes knocking on my door.

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May or may not see you all next time!


You’re not the only one. I took photos of the military ramp at EHEH, right next to a sign that says “do not take photos.” I won’t be surprised if I suddenly get chased by 5 black SUV’s without license plates


AhhhhHHhHHh these are niceeee!!!

Great pictures, lots of strange new aircraft that I had never heard about!

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Im coming brotha, I am taking you to america!


Yes officer, this is the guy right here!


We’re in this together. Although with Belgium’s budget I might get chased by one little black hatchback, if that even.

@Robertine Thanks so much! And nice to be educational too xD.

@BlueThunder08 I’ll probably piss off Lockheed by telling them they should let SABCA build our F-35s xD.

@anon36731834 Nooo don’t snitch on meeee!


Lmao Lockheed would be pissed 🤣


Yeah they probably would be.

Their fault though ;) .

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Lol welcome to America


💀💀fbi open up💀💀

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Thanks for sharing those beauties!
You’re always back again with some Belgian aviation :)

Btw: Don’t be too afraid though. Last time they were looking for somebody it was a mayor that found the guy before the army xD

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I took high quality photos at an air show. But not of the planes. I here helicopters coming…

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Always love to share our little known aviation sector, military included! Got to represent our small kingdom somehow xD.

And yeah, that went very well…


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