I am now one step closer to being a pilot

Just looking out for you buddy.

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Well, one day I had a similar event like yours, but they were just student pilots promoting their flight school in Albrook Airport.

Your story sounds great, I’d have the same excitement if this happens in my college! I’m planning to transfer to SLU since they have a pilot training program but costs a fortune. And one last thing:

Sometimes is kind of difficult for me when I have to read a large paragraph when you can divide them in little ones :) just a writing recommendation.

Wow… I wish something like this happened to me… I barely know anyone with a job related to aviation. Not more than 4.

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sounds like you got the bug! :) i wish we had pilots at our career day. good luck on your journey and hope you land at your dream destination 😊


I have a grandparent who owns a aircraft repair place at KFMY

My father currently flys the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 for UPS.

My dad flies the 757 for FedEx he is moving to the 777 soon. He also flies the
Kv-135r for the Air Force. He is deploying in a month… 😭😭😭

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