I am now one step closer to being a pilot

Today at school we had career day (which I had no class,Yeah) and one of the careers that I signed up for was a southwest pilot.Which was awesome,but back to the story.So I got my choice and I go through all my sessions of other careers in my schedule.So when the time came for the southwest pilot I was excited. He talked about how he graduated from Auburn University(AL,USA) to get his aeronautics degree. He mentioned that he flew for the contanital express. Then he was picked to fly for Delta or American Airlines, he wanted wanted to fly for Delta, but American Airlines came to him first and he ended up picking American Airlines( I forgot why).He continued to tell us he first flew the 727 for American, then they told him to fly the MD-80, which he said" he was sent back for more practice", but know he said he flies southwest 737’s.He also said he has to go and fly this weekend. I can’t remember the rest(It’s not because I have a problem remembering events), so not to bore you with this long story,the rest of the session we watched a cool 9 min video about a pilots life.I think he told us that in the video the pilot flew from Boston to Europe and back, I don’t know.Then we asked questions. I asked"do you own a plane" ( I might not remember what he said,so I will give u what I can remember) he said"kind of but I share a plane with my friends". My second question was" Do u give flight lessons or do you know where I can get some". He said “its best for me to go to BIrmingham shuttles worth (BHM) and ask the people there”(To end this story, since you have been reading so long). When the session was over me and my mom(yes, I know my mom was at my school today helping out,working with the PTO,if you know what that means, she was able to join the class and watch the pilot give a presentation.) went over to ask the guy what programs I can do to become a pilot.He told us a bunch, so I got those down, it looks like I won’t be have a boring summer this year,Yes.He also gave us is number,name,and email( now that’s more perks).He tells us that airline companies need more pilots. People get called to do so, but don’t show up ( I have a weird feeling I want to start a new trend called #more pilots, to get more people who enjoy and love and like aviation to become a pilot).So I can’t share you the contact information, because I don’t want him to get mad or be questioning why he has a million emails from random people asking about how to be a pilot. That’s all I got to say today, thanks for reading the longest story I have ever typed. Sorry for it to be sooo long.Hopefully it doesn’t get closed for being very long.
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Have you had a pilot come to your school?

Your fellow community member/ aviator


My uncle is a pilot for UPS

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That’s nice, did you finish reading al the way to the end?


At my church there is a United pilot who flies the B738 and the A320 when they need him to. I have talked and interviewed him many times about it. I also am in contact with former united FAs and frontier FAs. I know quite a lot of people in aviation.


That’s nice, lucky you

Please be comfortable to fix any grammar mistake you see. Thanks once again.

I have reached out to my flight school to start lessons, but haven’t officially yet. I know quite a few pilots. We have two family friends, one was an AWACS pilot for the Air Force, and now flies Southwest 737s, another who is a B-1 pilot. Also a baseball coach of mine flew P-8s and now flies Delta maddogs.

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That’s pretty awesome. I thought I knew alor of people in aviation but I guess not.

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Nice, all the best ahead ^^

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My instructor is a former MD-80 pilot with 18,000 hours logged on the Maddog. He’s still with American flying the 738.


You can’t hold two type ratings for entirely different planes at the same time when flying commercially. The most that would be possible is a differences course for similar families (777/787; A319/20, etc). Either yours or his story doesn’t match up.


He flew the Airbus A320 for 10 years and moved over to Boeing. Now he’s back in training to rehash his Airbus training as he is going back to the Airbus. Sorry if it was confusing. Hope that matches up haha.


Thanks everyone for sharing your comments.

Actually you can hold 2 or even more type ratings with the approval of the governing authority. Where it gets complicated and tricky is ensuring that strict and stringent recency requirements are met.

It isn’t that unusual for certain airline management pilots to hold 2 type ratings for management of diverse fleets.

I agree it doesn’t happen often but it is allowed.

(in my work in the rotary world I held multiple type ratings)

Whether the much vaunted and oft talked about ‘pilot shortage’, that has been coming every year of my 30 year career, actually materialises is an entirely different discussion.

Sounds like you have been given some good career advice that you are keen and enthusiastic about. That’s sometimes half the battle! Enjoy.


Frequently actually, pretty cool stuff. Nice story. Cool to see that airlines need more pilots.


My neighbor s a Southwest pilot. He used to be a Navy F-18 pilot, which is neat.

This was incredibly long and tiring to read. I don’t know how this gets you any closer to a pilot’s license, but I’m glad you had a good time.


Paragraphs. Learn how to use them. 🙂


Here, I guess this is what helps.

I was looking for one comment to decide… thanks for reading it for me