I am missing the etihad 787-9

The only etihad ligery i have is the 787-10? I thought the etihad libery was on the 787-9?? Help

I don’t believe it’s on the 789. Let me check.

No there is no Etihad 787-900 in the sim.

They are not missing. I prefer the devs make more unique liveries than make the same one on every single aircraft.

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Yeah I guess so but for example it would be nice to have a BA 787-8/-9 for the realism. Anyways back on topic

I still think the new Eithad livery should have been added. I think it’s only on the A321, plus it’s a fantastic livery.

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It’s also on the 77W and other 777 variants.

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There is no 787-900…