I am Member - Why can't I make an event?

Hi, I just got promoted to member - Why can’t I post in events?

Grades have nothing to do with Trust Levels. Currently your still TL1.

You can log out and log back in and hopefully the system will acknowledge you are TL2 now. Otherwise give it some time.

Edit: I can see that you’re a member now :)

Sorry I meant “member”

If you did give the system time to update, but currently your still TL1.

Log out and log back in. You should be able to post in #live:events afterwards.

Maybe log out and lock back in might work

In my notifications, it gave me the notification that i got promoted.

If you click the profile it shows he’s a member

You did. Your profile shows you are a member.

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Patience :)


Happens also when promoted to Regular, give the poor system a bit of time

I have it that you are still Basic…give it a few hours.

do i have to complete the advanced feature guide thingie? Thanks for all the responses guys.

No it’s not compulsory

There we have it your now a member 🙂🎉 You should now be able to post an event. If it still doesn’t work then give it a bit of time 🤞

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Three people saying the same thing… really?

Give system some time, you should be all good now :)

mods can close this now :) im good!

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