I am making Yoke 2.0

Today in my woodshop class I will be creating this.


Hello could you add more depth to the topic please and the general category should be linked to Infinite flight. This is borderline off topic, it makes sense to make it and have it working then create a topic after with the whole story of how you made it and pictures.

Well, I think he means that he was trying to make a yoke that he could use for Infinite Flight. You should check out his other topic. https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/i-made-a-yoke/293200/15

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If you already made a topic about this, could you continue there, instead of creating a new topic about the same subject? Thanks!

Hi! This is great and we would love to see it. It works best when you post something you have finished, so feel free to do so afterwards!