I am looking for two areas

One: I started with a bang… my first grade 2 flight and I have 3 violations- for flight over speed where to I find trading on this to correct it?
Two: how do I change my call sign to Delta 4580 inorder to know ATC is speaking to me faster…nerves got to me tonight out of ATL
Thanks and I am sorry for not knowing exactly how to search this my self…



For the first one, Did you go above 250KIAS below fl100? If so that could be where your getting your violations from.

One: TS1 is for learning and since it your first time to fly in TS1. Lot of time pilot make violations on their few first flight in TS1. 250KT Speed under FL100 and Aircraft overspeed limit. We can’t remove your violation since your first flight in TS1 and got violation for overspeed.

Can you explain little more, sorry I don’t understand what you are talking about.

Two: You click your name with grade, XP, hours under the name in upper right corner. You click the callsign under your name and then you can change your call-sign. Since I am in middle of the flight, I can’t take screenshot can someone take screenshot to help him, thank.

For #1, You cannot go over 250 knots under 10000 Feet. Hope this helps! On take off, I suggest using autopilot.

For #2 do these step…


Thank you for screenshot, I am in the middle of the flight and can’t take screenshot.


That’s it… got me!

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Got it thank you and happy landings


Ya don’t worry about it 3 violations won’t impact you that much. Good Day!

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Correction it’s fl010

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fl010 is 1000ft… I was referring to 10,000ft msl which is fl100

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I understood you good sir 👍🏿👍🏿
All the help you need can be found here #tutorials

My mistake

No worries.

New question- while flying into ATL tonight I was on auto pilot (NAV) and when arriving needed to turn and manually leave AP and hand fly to right down wind but messed up losing site of the airport… correction was made but it was not pretty- how do I turn off NAV/APRautopilot and just change heading to assure a smooth down wind leg. I turned off AP and lost altitude and heading momentarily… what I needed to do is stop NAV/APR and use just heading changes/// but did not see a way to do that without losing control and set up again.(make sense)?

You should calibrate before turning off.

I am on the small bus here… calibrate what? Change flight plan to fly out to the to the new runway and if I have instructions from ATC in the future just move headings manually… stopping NAV to heading control did not work? Please be kind… I am a rookie big time…

Moving while in flight will cause to your plane to shake.

While in one sitting without moving, hold your device steady and there a button say calibrate in the pause button.

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Thanks brother

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#tutorials is a good place to look for flight information too.

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Or their YouTube channel as well, https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC3cjoOOV7UuBxCh8YIfVEeg