I_AM_KOREAN_FOX's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Where: RKSI (Incheon Int’l Airport)

RWY: 33R, 34

Server: Training server

※Please follow instructions.



I’m coming!

Me too, I’m coming!

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  1. you didn’t need to tell me to contact tower I could do that myself
  2. you should’ve told me to line up and wait/takeoff immediately not hold short cause he was already in the air
  3. dont forget about planes when they are lining up and waiting

other than that good

I m so sorry I was too nervous… 😔

@PilotA320 @altixs @realnickchan @Half-Aviation Thx to join my thread!!

@FedexCargo1117 plz follow my instructions!



Only use this if there’s going to be a separation bust with someone departing and landing

Im coming !

I’ll close in 20 minutes… is it ok??

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20 minutes should be more then enough.

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Hahahahahahahahahahahaha ok come here

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Tips to improve:

ATC Feedback - You have a few mistakes you can work on. (P4-LOT)

  • [02:43:33:] You should only do cleared for immediate takeoff if there is traffic on short final and you know there will be spacing.

  • [02:45:13:] I was already in the air so telling your UR-MOM to hold short and line up and wait is unnecessary. https://infiniteflight.com/guide/atc-manual/3.-tower/3.1-separation

  • [02:47:06:] I don’t know the reason I was told a runway change but I didn’t receive a pattern entry and I would have liked my sequence before my clearance. https://infiniteflight.com/guide/atc-manual/3.-tower/3.3-inbounds

  • [02:48:18:] If they don’t go to the right runway on the first warning you can give them a go-around.

  • [02:51:26:] You don’t give a attitude with a straight out departure unless you have it in your virtual ATIS I’m assuming you aren’t doing straight out departures only since you have aircraft doing pattern work. https://infiniteflight.com/guide/atc-manual/3.-tower/3.2-departures

  • [02:54:53:] P-929 did not receive a pattern entry only clearance remember it’s pattern entry, sequence if required, and a clearance.

  • [02:56:17:] If I’m already cleared for the option and announce full stop then you don’t have to give me a landing clearance unless I haven’t been cleared yet then you can give me a landing clearance.

  • [02:57:01:] UR-AMAZING could have received a speed command.

  • [02:58:56:] Giving Koreanair 1117 Heavy a extend downwind was unnecessary you should give Japan Air 1311 a sequence first and then a clearance if they don’t follow the sequence then that’s on them then you have to resequence.

  • [03:02:50:] Koreanair 1117 doesn’t need a pattern entry and multiple sequences but I see why you are doing this to make them follow UR-AMAZING.

  • [03:03:55:] UR-AMAZING didn’t require a maintain slowest practical speed I was going to exit the runway as fast as I can if things go wrong then you should determine a go-around at 2NM.

  • [03:03:23:] Late exit runway command try to clear at 70-60kts for airliners and GA 50-40kts. https://infiniteflight.com/guide/atc-manual/3.-tower/3.5-exit-runway-go-around

Overall it was a fantastic session just a little more work and you will be excellent have a nice night!


Thank you for feedback 😊

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Thank you 😊

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Hello I was United 1014 today heres your feedback.

[03:37:27Z] - Transition should of been 3,000 instead of 1,500. You can calculate your transition by the Airport’s elevation in which this case RKSI’s elevation is 22ft + 2,500 = 2,522 rounded to the nearest 500 would be 3,000.

[03:40:14Z] - I’m confused why his you extended his upwind , there was no need , no traffic from any sides that would interfere with his pattern.

[03:38:50Z] - It would be more efficient to do " United 1014 enter right downwind runway 33R , then clear me " United 1014 runway 33R right cleared for the option , after the option make right traffic.

[03:40:14Z] - No need to tell UP-LIY to extend there downwind , since you sequenced him " number 2 traffic to follow is on right downwind , UP-LIY must follow me.

[03:44:58Z] - When UP-LIY requested an runway change they first must receive an pattern entry so in this case it would be " enter left downwind runway 33R , then you can clear him with UP - LIY number 1 runway 33R cleared for the option after the option make right traffic .

[03:56:18Z] - I didnt receive an exit runway when able command , theses typically should be given below 70kts. And " cleared for the option also gives the option for the pilot to land , you have to be aware of there speed while doing so.

Summary - You did good , you had basic knowledge of patterns , you just need to fine tune them to perfection . I will leave some resources for you below and you should review them as they will help you in your future sessions .

Resources -

As the title states this will help you on common mistakes that may occur during your session and how to fix them.

Hope you have an great journey on to IFATC :) .


Thank you very much
Come on next time bro

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It was fun. I’ll follow you.

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Can you pls set RKSI to N/A?

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