I am in Need of Aviation Footage

Hey everyone, so I am creating a video for a school project in which I will also upload to Youtube. The video is going to be about how planes land during natural disasters. For the Video, I will need your help. I need any user-generated footage than you can send me in MP4 format so I can download it. If you can send me the videos through a PM, it would be great!
Thanks, everyone!
P.S. Landings are prefered, and can the footage please be in 1080P quality please. Thanks!

Does it have to be during a natural disaster or just any aircraft video?

Just any aircraft video. Preferably landing. Can you send me 1080P ones?

I’m a noob when it comes to sending videos… I’ll see what I can do 👍🏻

Alright! Thank you!

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You can use wetransfer to send photos or videos :)

I can send you some in about 2 hrs

Sure! That would be great!

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