I am having issues connecting to the server

The server won’t even let me log in

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Hi there,

In order to better assist you can you specify your device and OS. There have been some recent fixes from the development team and we may be able to help you in a more timely fashion with this information.


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What is your Operating system?

My device is a HTC Ultra

There was a hotfix pushed for Android today. Let me get you the link.

Getting the same thing on IOS (iPhone 7)

Here’s what I’m getting…

Alright hold on folks, this thread was for Android and now iOS is getting thrown into the mix. Please follow the standard quick fixes:

-Close the app
-Refresh/Restart your device
-Reset your router
-Relaunch Infinite Flight

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Any luck with our recommendations?

Same here. Probably a server issue, will just wait and try later.

yeah it fixed it thanks