I am having a problem

I was a grade 3 on infinite Flight when I last got on. But today when I opened it up, it says I am a grade 2 which I am not. How can I change it back to grade 3? Thanks.

It looks like you are missing 2 landings within the last 90 days. Landings drop off that requirement after 90 days, so they need to be made up. 2 patterns, and you’ll be back to G3


Suggestion: Head to KEDW since it has multiple runways to do 2 touch and goes

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So I just need 2 more landings and then I will be back to grade 3?

Yes that’s correct

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Ok. Thank you everyone.

And thank you for the route at KEDW.

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KHOB is also good for touch and go on multiple runways, and requires no taxiing to start.

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