I am having a multiplayer problem

Also iPhone 5s Isn’t too advanced, do you access to something like an iPad? At least iPad Air 2 (1st Gen)

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what aircraft are you using? if you’re stalling you should just land faster.

Sorry, I ment iPhone 8 I made this at like midnight so I was very tierd.

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Thank you for the recomdation I will try your advise.


Thank you so much so far we are having a smooth flight to vegas!

For future reference, please take a look at this topic for the Aircraft takeoff and landing speeds. Keep in mind some are not accurate.

Dose still count as a landing if it is a auto piolt landing?

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Yes, as Long as the plane is physically on the ground after a landing, it is counted as a landing. No matter who did it.


ty just landed in las vegas thanks for all the help.

Hello! I just landed in las vegas
auto pliot landed the plane we parked at the gate bt it still says I have no landing can you help?

@Taryn_Czick can you can confirm that you were on the Casual or Training Server and not in Solo Mode?

I was on Casual.

Okay thanks for confirming. Where are you looking to track your landing count? Typically a landing will register within a few seconds from touchdown. I usually setup my status bar with Landing shown so I can keep track of how many I have while doing circuits.

Can you set your status bar up with Landings shown and go ahead with some Landing attempts on the Casual Server? Try landing twice and let us know if the Landing count updates.

Not gonna lie, I never knew that existed.

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Ok I will do some short flight with landings I twll you when if it updates or not.

Let me know what airport you are going to and I will join you.

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ok I will be at San diego

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San diego airport

I’m here :)

where should we go?