I am going to think about creating a VA

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe!
I am going to think about starting a VA. I have created a poll (only to options) to see which of the two you would be more interested in joining. I can not guarantee anything will come of this but I would love to see thse two VAs in the sim.
Also, I have seen Ryanair virtual around when looking to join them but there not on the IFVARB so I thought I’d put them in my poll. Let me know if they are active, and why I can not find them, if they are! Thanks and keep well!

  • Ryanair
  • Jet2

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Ok, so, I just found a Ryanair Virtual… literally just after I posted this. Oh well, I might close this poll.

Actually, please can someone confirm these guys are still active for me.

Their website stills seems to work so i’m pretty sure they are still active.

Ok, yeah, that’s what I was thinking

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I don’t think that’s active any more, I am in the VA but there isn’t any activity, they are talking of making a new Ryanair VA and already have started working on it

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This VA is not active anymore. Check the full list of Active VA’s at IFVARB.com

Right so basically they aren’t t active I was the chief pilot there but there’s a new RYRVA in the making!

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Ok, thanks!

Information provided. Good luck :)