I am Excited

So I got a flight on a Swiss A330 then a Connection on a Swiss A220 and return I have a A321 Lufthansa and then a A380 back to JFK what do I expect???


A lot of great aircraft 😉. I am very jealous…

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Sweet is the A321 a neo?

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Expect to have the time of your life! That sounds like an amazing trip, and 4 different aircraft will be a neat experience. The size of the A380 still baffles me every time I see it. It’s almost like a flying hotel! I know that Swiss and Lufthansa areis both good airlines, so it should be an enjoyable trip.

Here are some trip reports on those aircraft that might be of interest to you:




I know these aren’t the exact flights, but these will give you an idea of what it will be like :)


I dont think so

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I Love IT thank you :)


For sure! Glad I could help.

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A321neo is an aircraft type.

Obviously. I’m quite certain that he’s aware of that.

@Altaria55 is pretty clear that he wasn’t aware.

Yes, he is. Just yesterday he created a topic in which he brought up the NEO. Now drop the topic.

I would put this in a DM, however JamesQFA380 does not accept DMs.


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