I am curious about something

So ended up getting a few violations last night and I am completely fine with that but I checked my logbook and it says that I have not gotten any violations recently although my stats say that I have 3 level 1 violations. I am just wondering if this is a bug or a glitch because I have not flown in the past 12 hours.
I am not complaining about the violations I am just curious about it.

There are some server issues regarding accounts and stats; it should be addressed soon.


Is it showing that all 3 violations were issued at the exact same time?

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Yes it says that I got them all at same time.

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After some of these account issues are resolved, they should return back to their original issuance date/time.

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That’s good. Thank you for your help!

And I’m not sure if its related, but try giving the method that Cam gave to see if that does anything.

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You’re the first person I’ve seen worried about missing violations 😂


I’ll try that and see if it does anything.

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