I am confused

Hello community I was watching a video of infinite flight southwest and I can tell it’s training or expert server image image

But there is a person with grade 1 image

And I thought you can’t play training or expert server on a grade one or ?was that the old update?

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Hi Helicopterzzz,
This seems like a old update, as the systems button isn’t present and the ATC GUI is different. Hope this clears some things up.


With the way that the game looks in the images, it appears to be the old update. In the old update, G1 and 2 could fly on Training. However, you have to be G3 to be able to fly on the Expert server.


What can happen is that a pilot on Expert or Training collects violations, by over-speeding for example. During his flight, the violations change his Grade. But he’s still flying. After closing or even pausing his flight, he will be denied access.

Hope this clarifies.

If this is indeed an old picture, as Conner suggests, then this could happen because the rules were different then.


As you can see by the ATC buttons, it’s an older version, likely when Grade 1 could fly Training server. This was probably training server.

That is definitely the Training server. If you see a grade 1 person flying around the place it is definitely NOT an expert server. There must be a mistake in this YouTube video you were watching.

Ok thanks y’all for your help I just needed clarification

@Trio making it big again

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Expert controllers are NOT allowed to control on TS1. I’ll ask Joe to give Trio the boot immediately. 😡

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