I am circumnavigating the earth...NORTH TO SOUTH

Due to unexpected vacation, I am now roaming about the infinite world flying to parts and places unknown … or known, doesn’t matter! So I am taking my trusty steed… the Generic DC10 N596AC on an around the world adventure which I will be documenting here! I am Mikey1974, give me a wing dip if we pass by each other! I have often wondered why there is not allot of documentation on crossing the South Pole or “Antarctica!” As we so affectionately know her as… well, I’m going to cross her! I’ve never attempted this, but here it goes! So it is Sunday Feb 21st at 9:14 am… I have just departed Princess Juliana after a great few days of practicing my big boy landings, and seeing how many tourists I can blow into the sea on takeoff! Lol, and I have climbed to flight level 300 and cruising a a smooth M 0.80, and I’m headed south!
Follow me if you wish! I’m not trying to get famous, just bored and looking for ways to keep infinite flight from becoming boring!!


Hit up McMurdo. I’m not sure if you’ll make it all the way to Africa though, but the closest would probably be Cape Town.

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Good luck. Don’t crash

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It’s a very long hop… I’m going to have to figure some route that will work! Thanks for the tip!!

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I’ll go look on Google Maps, I’m sure there is a suitable place closer than Africa.

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I rarely crash!! Lol. Although human error is always possible! 🤣

Just an update… I flew south all night and have reached the northern most tip of Antarctica … I am the only infinite aircraft down here!



In 6 hours I will cross the South Pole… if it’s there… I may disappear guys!!


have a safe flight 👍 did that kind of flight some Month ago

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Did your compass flip?

Not just the compas the Aircraft it self fliped and the the Eart was above me 😂 no just joking

Laughing my butt off… that was funny!! You rock man!!

Wow hopefully you don’t fly off the edge of the Earth

yes I know the earth is round


i did this flight just two weeks ago! is truly fun

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Wow you got the biggest screen to play. I only got my mobile smartphone; flying into Antarctica is fun. I’ve done it a few times exploring airports down the south Pole.
Wish you luck reaching Africa. @Alec is probably right Cape Town is your best bet

I went the other way! I went from South America around to Australia, and I’ve past the South Pole, but my aircraft says I’m still going south, but I’m really traveling north at this point… so what is your take on this?

So my compass has not changed? Is it supposed to? How does this work, because if this is a ball, I am now traveling north

All I did was bluetooted into the tv, it’s on my iPad tablet!

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I am almost to the other side of Antarctica but I’m still going south?? Hmmmmm. ? Why is this?

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