I am being disturbed by other user in Infinite Flight

When I was flying in IF today, one of the users kept on using the active airspace msg with the tower frequency to disturb me while I am still around 180nm away from the airport. When I read his username, I found that it is offensive towards me. A name which is humiliating me. I have the replay file on my hand right now so is it possible for me to report him or even request Infinite Flight to ban him? I really appreciate any help from all of you.

Actually besides me, the flight group which I am in is being disturbed by him.


That’s very unfortunate. Maybe contact a mod?


Yes, You can definitely report him for harassment. I recommend contacting one of the moderators and discussing this further.

@Vinne I believe it wasn’t an internal issue, assuming this happened in TS and the controlled was a random person.


Well, if this was on the training server, there is simply nothing you can do about it, but, you could report it to a moderator. I don’t think the username would be that bad considering Infinite Flight has filters built into usernames.

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What Server was this on? If it was on training I don’t think there’s anything we can really do…


Screenshot the callsign and display name and send it to a moderator… regardless of what server it is.


No, they can do stuff on whatever server. @Tam_Chak_Wai_James sorry that you had to experience this.

I know, that’s why I said there’s nothing we can do about it.

The reason why the filters cannot filter it is because the word is only being used in Hong Kong. It is not a phrase being used out of the city

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Can I know the way to contact them? I appreciate your help.

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I got you in a PM, one of the moderators should contact you soon…

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I don’t really understand what happened. But the smartest thing to do is contact a moderator.

I’ll flag this for you as this is your most logical solution.
mods will most probably contact you when they see the flag ;)

@AlphaSeven no need @KPIT has already set up a pm with the OP and the mods please refrain from doing so and read above some more, cheers.


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