I am becoming a German ATC!

No problem ! ;) Is it difficult to become an ATC ?

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Wow! Congratulations! This is a huge achievement.
Can’t wait to hear all about the journey to becoming a real-world air traffic controller!

Thanks a lot! I highly appreciate it!

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Only the selection process took part in Hamburg sadly. The first year of training will be in a place close to Frankfurt, while the second 1 - 1,5 years will be already at the center/tower you will work in later on. Sadly the trainees are distributed to the locations depending on demand, so even if I express my wish to get to a particular airport, I won’t have a guarantee that it will work out.

I would love to visit the Wunderland though 😉 Maybe I get to visit Hamburg once again in the future!

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I would say it depends on the country. I know in some it’s relatively easy, but in Germany it is definitely not. Only 5% of all the applicants are selected, and you have to undergo mentally very challenging tests. I honestly was never stressed more in my life. The stress and nervosity are tremendous (at least for me, some might find it easier)

I will definitely try to help you out!

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Thanks a lot! Maybe we will meet on a frequency one day 😉

Great news ! Congrats on your tests and all the best on your training and as ATC. It’s great to see someone that is excited and ambitious.

Thank you so so much! I can’t wait to have my dream come true ^^

Congratulations 🎉

Thank you very much!

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Now you have a chance of controlling Swiss001

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That’s truly a nice achievement.
Hope to hear you on the frequency someday :)

Maybe some day 🤔

Thanks Mats! Hope to see/hear you in the sky soon!

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Awesome, congrats dude!

Thanks a lot! I am so glad all the preparation paid off ☺️

What do you think of DFS? I live in Germany just like you and want to become ATC as well.

Wow, congrats my friend ! Wish the best of luck !

It’s a little mixed bag so far. The recruitment team is very responsive and helpful via email and the information Teams meetings are also nicely done.
If you get to the first phase in Hamburg, the process is very distanced and harsh though. It’s kind of understandable because there are still so many applicants left.
Once you progress further the treatment gets more personal and friendly again. It also really depends on the recruiters you interact with.
The first phase is also held in a rather ugly and worn office, but if you come to Hamburg for the second time they will introduce you to a very nice part (even though that’s technically the DLR, but I count it as DFS since it’s the recruitment process in their behalf)
The person interviewing me for my dual studies application seemed quite unfriendly and uninterested, so that part was relatively negative.

In total, the recruitment experience wasn’t as nice as my experience with Lufthansa, but it was still alright and got a lot better in the second round because we also got our hotel paid for, which was also a better one.

Especially considering the actual job, training in Langen and pay (if that’s an important factor for you) the DFS still comes across as a very cool company and I would recommend applying!