I am bad at flying an A350-900

I just realised I am so bad at flying my favourite airplane

Then after that this happened

Proof that I’m bad at flying my favourite airplane


Practice makes perfect


Looooks pretty intentional to me…


i kinda has the same problem to with the 787 because when i try to fly i always keep stalling

The speed is too much to me when I lower the speed it’s too slow and I don’t know what is the good speed and throttle amount

Don’t extend flaps full, keep flaps at 1+f or 2 for takeoff

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Oh ok I will try it and see

Just to add don’t use full thrust I’ve been fine with the thrust set between 80% and 90%.

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Ok… I actually don’t know how to fly it like online if I don’t use autopilot or land I almost always crash

What V/S do you go?

@supernovasuper you could try and fly in the tail view that is easier for me to do than fly freehand without AP. try than then come back.

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Keep flaps at 1+F for takeoff and push throttle to 90% only. For landings, keep the speed at around 150kts and you’ll be good. As for vertical speed, I keep it at 3000, then lower it to less than 2500 as I get in above 10,000 feet.

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The traffic pattern at a medium-sized low-traffic airport is your friend. You will learn many of the characteristics you need to hand-fly the airplane during this period.


Jeez dude. By the way, that first pic wasn’t bad. That would’ve made for an interesting landing. Given the gear tilt, I think you would’ve landed that pretty smoothly at that angle.

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First image, you’re at 50ft MSL, 215KTS with full flaps and gear down… And what you’re saying that it accidentally translated into 353kts at 425ft MSL with no flaps and gear? Hmmm…

You’ll never get better at flying if you intentionally don’t practice…


Did you draw the emoji? That’s actually pretty accurate.

I recommend you play in solo mode, practice takeoffs and landings, also practice approaches, try to practice with low visibility, low and high wind, different locations (airports with more altitude)
As well check your velocity and the instruments
I hope that I help you!, Good flights!

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It was a take off not a landing

And he didn’t draw the emoji people use it sometimes

It just takes practice. The first long haul plane in IF I was able to successfully fly was the 767. All the others would stall upon reaching 10,000AGL and not be recoverable. Now I can fly any plane IF has to offer. It just takes practice. (Also make sure you aren’t too heavy for your cruise altitude. I.E don’t fly at FL400 with a fully loaded 747, A380, A350, 777, etc.)