I am back and better

Hi after a 2 month suspension I am proud to say I am back. I am sorry for so many of topic flags that got me suspended. And I will strive to get better, I also apologize to the moderators who had to take time out if their day to watch me. I especially apologize for creating a duplicate account that resulted in a extended suspension to 2 months. I don’t mean to make so many people mad. During my suspension I was still flying and I am on my way to 4,000 hours. I also started a Instagram account for Infinite Flight @if_dfw. I am sorry for everything that I have done and I will strive to do better


No worries! Welcome back!

It takes a good man to admit where he went wrong and to try to improve. We’re glad you’re back :)

also are you from Dallas? That’s cool if you are

Yes Plano one of the suburbs I live about 10 minutes from Addison Airport

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Welcome back!

Awesome! I like Plano

Welcome back!

Don’t worry man. Everyone makes mistakes. Welcome back to the community! 😊

Welcome back Ethan, and well done on 4000hrs! 👍

@Omar Actually I don’t have 4000 hours yet but that’s my goal

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Welcome Back!!! Its hard to come back to a community and talk about the wrong you did and give an apology
Respect +1

Welcome back. Everyone makes mistakes in life ive almost been suspended on 2 discourse communitys so your not the only one. Its always good to come back and set good terms and it takes a big man to admit your mistakes in front of the IFC (60,000 members).

Glad you’re back! Reach out if you need anything :)