I am back after more than 1 Year 🫡

Hey there, probably no one remembers me 😂

I’m an airplane lover since I am 3 years old and played infinite flight a lot in last summer but my life got stresses and I had some mental problems, no life structure and didn’t have the time to play infinity flight anymore.

But now, after 1.6 Years I am back and happy to be here, with the best community in the world.
I’m 15 now turning and turning 16 in April. I structured my life and handled my Depressions. I feel much better since i started the gym and leaving fake friends. And now I found some time to sometimes play infinity flight again.

I just read my old posts again and I feel so embraced how much stress I caused with my childish behaviour 😂 nvm. Now I have much to explore on what is new here.

Im happy to be here 🫶🏻


welcome back!!!

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Welcome back to the community😁!

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Welcome back!


Welcome back to the future.🚖

hello, welcome back! there’s been a lot of changes! and lots of events! maybe you should go sign up for one! that would be a cool thing to do!

Glad to see more Germans! Schöne Grüße aus München!

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