I am an IFATC...

I just want one more last thread before I hit the sack haha.
Tonight marks the last night I sleep before I contact my recruiter. My scouter has declared me seasoned and fit for the whole test taking and induction into the IFATC community.
I don’t know if I will make it but I wanted to see if I can get some support. This is a very nerve racking time for me as I may meet one of the greats of the IFATC group.
My scouter @Zachary_Meir_Tish deserves all the credit. He took me as a noob TS2 controller and shaped me into what he calls “an impressive expert style controller”! To,or row I contact my recruiter and we start the process.
Any support is valued highly! Have a blessed night everyone.



I attended your last practice session and you did great. I’m sure that will be the case when you take your test! I wish you the best of luck! :)


Good luck! Get a good nights sleep so you can be on point for your test :)

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The best of luck is needed my IFATC friend! I hope to follow you into the hall of fame🏆

Good Luck. Just relax and focus. The recruiters may seem intimidating but they are really nice people. You will be fine :)

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wilco! And I’m not sure it’s tomorrow just my meeting with my recruiter is tomorrow lol

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I hope so thank you!!! I’ll try and relax. My last session was perfect (my scouter agreed and so did my recruiter who said he was impressed). The only problem was some guy spamming the frequency. Here’s a picture. Ah the memories

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Soon when you join IFATC, you press a button and those people just disappear. :)


And intimidating? Just what I needed 😝 But I hope I can keep calm

I hate to admit it but that will be the day! Now that being said don’t people go all nuts on me and think I’m going to be a ghosting maniac…I take that to heart. But anyone who acts like that deserves a ghosting.

Also I’m not sure I’ll succeed so I better quit jinxing myself

You’ll be fine mate.

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Alright thank you for your support!

Infinite.flight if you up to it I’ll go do some patterns with you

Maybe tomorrow bud! But most definitely!

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I’m sure you will manage the tests. Good luck!
I really hope to see you in the team in the next few days ;)

Good Luck to you sir. Hope everything goes well :)

Just get the bloody test over with


I did mine at 1:30AM but it was canncelled half way thru due to a technical problem 😂

Wishing you all the best my friend.

Thank you Adrian :)

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