I am about to join the expert server

Hello there, how can I contact you for applying to the ATC on expert server, I would also like to know how the written exam is to study some things I may don’t know. Thank you!

Message me directly

I just love the expert server so peacefully and quiet except off course at the ATC controlled Airports.
No one else to disturb you around unless you are landing at popular airports such as KLAX, KSFO, KJFK or EGLL. And off course the airport of the week
Otherwise everything is good.


One thing: To learn even more about ATC on Expert, you should try flying to airports with ATC. With all these tips we’ve given you, you won’t have a problem :)

perfect yesterday only I did Sydney-Auckland where both is Active and i am able to understand their instructions very carefully and closely
Only once i was very close to being ghosted but lucky for me it did not happen.

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Nice. If anything happens, PM the ATC.

Okay Thanks

Okay, so how can I do that? I would like to do the exam. How do you want me to send the necessary information?

message me directly


But I don’t have the necessary rank to PM you yet

I mean, is there any possibility sending you an email? Or something like that?

do you meet ALL of the requirements listed above /\

Not sure about the 60 days since last ghosting, how can I see that on IF? There’s nothing about that in my stats page :)

Go back up to 60 days in your log book and check if there are any reports.

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Okay, that was intelligent, thank you! But I think violations are not necessarily ghosting, I mean if you get violations you are not always getting ghosted, I have been given some violations on the last weeks but I don’t remember I have been ghosted

Honestly it is very simple do not be nervous or anything. there is two pieces of advice I will give you do NOT taxi with the strobes on (my biggest pet peeve) and just follow ATC instructions.

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I thank you all for your wonderful replies and now that i have got everything that i need. I have now been on the server for a while now and flown towards ATC controlled airports and it is amazing.

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Mods can close topic

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I think that “about” lasted quite long
22 days to be exact… as he said mods can close

We hope that you enjoy the Expert Server. Great challenges and good fun await! :)