I am about to join the expert server

I am about to join the expert server and i need to know the actual guidelines.
I am planning as my first flight a long haul flight. I need to understand what happens if ATC contacts me.


Congrats on coming to expert server and watch Infinite flight videos on YouTube:)

  • Follow ATC directions
  • Always ask for permission before pushback, taxi, runway crossing, entering a runway
  • Always check ATIS
  • Check your surroundings for other planes. Both in the air and on the ground
  • If you are sequenced remember who you are following and the number
  • Be a kind pilot. No barrel rolls on final approach
  • Use unicom and follow existing traffic flows at uncontrolled airports

Have fun!


Thank you Chris

For ATC, I would read the ATC schedule for this week found here

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With regards to ATC, remeber that APPR / DEP frequencies are only operational up to FL180, so when you are in the cruise above that height there is no need to worry about being contacted by them.

Best thing before flying on Expert week is to spend a bit of time in the preperation. Check out your charts for the the departure and arrival airpots so you know where you will be spawning and likely taxi routes to an active runway. Check out the SID and STAR’s, make use of FLPLTOIF.com to plan your flight and follow the recommned fuel and loads so that you arrive with fuel in the tanks and dont have to divert.

Enjoy, it is not a scary place!

Happy landings


Thank you all

Just keep your cool and all is going to be all right. GREAT JOB by the way!!! :D :D :D

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Great to see you on Expert! Here are some good rules to follow:
Listen to ATIS
Follow all ATC instructions (if you don’t like them, contact the ATC via PM)
If approach isn’t active, follow your sequence and try to maintain 5-6 nm separation between planes
Never taxi, takeoff, land, or pushback without permission
Read the tutorials


Me too! My entry flight will more than likely take place tonight!


Got my 50th online landing this morning as well! Excited to be a part of the expert server later today! From what I’ve read elsewhere on the forum it seems the key is to remain calm, be attentive to ATC, fly with intention, be courteous to other pilots, and maintain professionalism. See you out there!


Most import thing is to fly with intention.
Follow ATC
Keep learning.
Welcome to the club!

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When i do my first flight in about 10 landings from now. i am planning my first long haul flight to KSFO. I was wondering if ATC would be present at that airport in the coming weeks.

One tip, if arriving at an airport which has active APR, then use your map to look ahead and see how the planes ahead of you are being sequenced. From that you can change your flight plan if need be so that you can easily join the traffic ahead.

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If you keep an eye on the ATC section, once a week the schedule for IFATC is published showing which airports / regions will have IFATC so you can plan ahead.

Hi chris, is it recommended to use the auto approach on the expert server or not?
the reason i am asking is that i usually use it all the time when landing. I can use the ILS approach if i need to but i am too rusty at it.

Hey, there’s no rule against APPR, and it’s certainly nice to have, but it’s always fun to land manually. Practice and you’ll get it eventually. I loved APPR when I was new, but I was watching a British Airways video and they said that they hand landed almost all their landings, and that inspired me to do so as well.


I am now finally on the expert server.

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Just do whatever they tell you and you will be fine.

Attempting my first more than two hour journey on the expert server with service from OMAA to VABB on the A319

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